Talking about the landscapes or places that are present in the work of CONGRESO is a dilficult task. You could say that the whole length of Chile parades throughout their music, never ceasing to amaze us, from the mulfi-tonal northern altiplano, to the large cities, Santiago and Valparaíso, to the forests and lakes of the South, all the way down to the immense Patagonia, their music is always at ease.

But these landscapes, these places, are visited by the music: they let themselves be introduoed through the songs, the words, the mixtures …. they are transformad into voices, rhythms, sonorities; they force you to go through them and discover them.

CONGRESO started out in the years 1969-70 in the city of Quilpué: from that time the musicians developed their style in search of a rejuvenated language for the expression of popular music of Lafin America, coupling elements of ethnic origin with forms and styles of contemporary currents.

Their discography is composed of 20 editions between LPs, CDs and DVD, in 1988 reaching gold disc for sales, plus rave reviews for the delicate fusion of  Congreso´s music.

They have gone on many tours throughout Chile and in other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, United States, France, Germany, Costa Rica and Bolivia and have been present in many large events such as Amnesty lnternatonal Concert, Expo Seville ’92 (Spain), Fesfival of Viña del Mar (Chile), Montreal Fesfival (Canada). World’s Fair in Lisbon, Portugal, Germany Cologne Opera Theatre in December 2001 and participate in the cultural market “Strictly Mundial” in Salvador, Brazil, and toured the US and Mexico.


· Festival of the Chilean New Stong at the Municipal Theatre – Santiago, Chile. (1971)
· Arts Fair & Festival at the QuintaVergara -Viña del Mar, Chile. (1972)
· Coliseo Theater – Buenos Aires, Argentina. (1974)
· Culture of Peace Week at the Caupolicán Theater – Santiago, Chile. (1984)
· First Encounter of Contemporary Music at La Reina Stadium – Santiago, Chile. (1982)
· Congreso En Vivo (ALERCE), a Live Double Albun, is recorded during a tour of Chile. (1987)
· Tour by Canada – October through December: Montreal, Quebec, Edmonton, Calgary and Regina. (1988)
· 20 th Anyversary Celebration with concerts that include Dance and Audiovisuals. (1989)
· Americanto Festival – Mendoza, Argentina. (1990)
· Amnesty International Concert at the National Stadiun of Chile in Santiago, together with the artists Peter Gabriel, Sting, Sinead O’Connor, Rubén Blades, Wynton Marsalis, and Inti-llimani.(1990)
· ENART ‘90 Inauguration, with the Orchestra of the Univ. of Santiago – Santiago, Chile (1991)
· Concert with the Orchestra of the Univ. of Santiago at the Teatro Municipal – Viña del Mar, Chile. (1991)
· Concert with the Chilean group Inti-llimani, Chile Stadium – Santiago, Chile. (1991)
· Viña del Mar International Song Festival, Quinta Vergara – Viña del Mar, Chile. (1991)
· “Iceberg Fires” is presented by CONGRESO and the Santiago Ballet at the Municipal Theatre in Santiago, and then taken to the Itálica Festival in Seville. (1992)
· EXPO SEVILLE ‘92 – Seville, España. (1992)
· Inauguration of the Latin American Parliament, together with the Latin artists Mercedes Sosa, Milton Nascimiento and Rubén Rada – Sao Paulo, Brazil. (1992)
· They participate in the Mexican TV program “Y Vero América Va”. (1993)
· Concert at the Chatélet Theatre – Paris, France. (1993)
· Performance in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (1994)
· Tour of the United States: American Museum of Natural History (NYC); SOB`s (NYC); Cornell Univ. (Ithaca); U. of Illinois (Chicago); Old Town School of Folk Music (Chicago); Wayne St. Univ. (Detroit); U. of Michigan (Ann Arbor); The Ark (Ann Arbor); Univ. Grand Valley St. (Grand Rapids).
· International Festival of the Arts – San José, Costa Rica. (1994)
· Concert Memorial Theater -Sao Paulo, Brazil. (1994)
· Congreso: 25 Years of Music (EMI ODEON), is recorded live at concert with guest artists such as León Gieco, Inti-llimani, Isabel Parra and Eduardo Gatti, among other. (1994)
· Museum of Natural History, organized by the United Nations – New York, NY, EE.UU. (1995)
· International Arts Festival of the – Bolivia. (1996)
· Latin American Festival – Arica, Chile. (1997)
· Tour of the Universities of the North and South of Chile. (1997)
· Concert at Valparaíso’s “Muelle Prat” before, 10.000 espectators, welcoming the “Ship of Hope” NIPPON MARU, travelling from Japan with more than 300 students from around the word. (1998)
· Concert for the university students of the MERCOSUR, Municipal Theatre -Viña del Mar, Chile. (1998)
· Touring US h witperformances in Helena, Montana, Lincoln, Nebraska, San Antonio, Texas, Berkeley, San Francisco and New Orleans, Louisiana. (2003)
· Touring Mexico. Performances: International Cervantes Festival. Traveling through 7 states. Chiapas. State of Mexico. Querétaro. Michoacán. Puebla. Campeche. Guanajuato (2004)
· Presentation at the XLVI Viña del Mar International Song Festival (2005)
· Concert at the Mapocho Station Cultural Center entitled “All these years,” which brought together all the members who were once part of Congress since its inception in 1969 (2007)
· Symphony concert in ruins Huanchaca. Antofagasta Antofagasta Symphony Orchestra. (2009)
· Release of the album “Eyes on the street” in the Nescafé Theatre Arts “along with prominent Brazilian musician, Lenine. (2010)
· Concert and Clinic at Berklee College of Music. Latin Music Festival. Boston, USA (2011)
· Concert and recording first DVD entitled “Congress on demand” in Room Matucana 100 (2012)
· DVD release “Congress on demand” in the East Teatro de Santiago (2012)
· Release of the album “Symphony Congress” in the Municipal Theater of Santiago (2013)
· Revival of Pichanga album: Nicanor Parra antipoems 21 years of its original edition with a concert at the Matucana 100 (2013)
· Live music revival Clay Birds in the Cultural Center Matucana 100, to celebrate 30 years of its launch in Argentina. (2014)
· Presentation of the show “Parra 100pre” at the Teatro Municipal de Santiago, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the poet Nicanor Parra (2014)
· Presentation at the Fifth Festival Lollapalooza Chile in O’Higgins’s Park (2015)


1971 :They receive a award at the Chilean New Song, Festival, held at the Municipal Theatre of Santiago.
1982 : Group of the Year, Revista Estreno, La Tercera newspaper.
1985 : Award in the International Year of the Youth, given by their town of origin, Quilpué.
1987 : Best of ’87, realizado en el Teatro Cariola, organizado por Radio Umbral.
1988 : Gold Album for Los Arqueólogos del Futuro.
1989: Best Musical Group, APES Award.
1990 : Nominated for Group of the Year and Album of the Years (APES).
1990 : Gold laurel, Best Musical Group.
1991 : Best Video Clip, APES Award.
1992 : Aire Puro appears in first place in September and fifth place in October in the Top 30 of Latin Radio in France.
1994 : Recognition by the Chilean government, through the Ministry of Education, as the Rock Group with the Best Musical Trajectory.
2001: Gold Medal in recognition of his career in the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, delivered at the plenary session of Parliament of the National Congress in Valparaiso, Chile. (2001)
2002: UNICEF Award from the National Music Council of Chile.
2004: Nominated for Award Altazor gender “Alternative Music – Jazz” from the album “Congress export”.
2005: Silver Torch for his performance in the XLVI International Song Festival of Viña del Mar.
2010: Critics Award Critics Circle Art Valparaiso for his album “Eyes on the street”.
2011: Valparaiso Regional Government Award by the trajectory of 40 years of musical life.